About us

Scolopendra was a university project made by Benedetta R. Fanelli, then enrolled at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Graphic.

Benedetta’s idea was simple: merge classic culture, inclusivity, and Art Print, and apply them to the market. On this project, which lasted from 2017 to 2019, Benedetta then wrote her Thesis “Scolopendra, a Fashion Brand from Graphic Arts to the Market”, which earned her a 110 Cum Laude.

All of the products unified aesthetics, an ideal, and references to the cultural patrimony of the creator, like Divina Commedia, Mythology, and European culture. For Scolopendra, Benedetta organized one Opening Party during MFW 2017, one party at the Hollywood Club of Milan, and various shootings in all of Europe. She also engaged in supply chain management, marketing, digital campaigns, merchandising, and product distribution, with great results.

Benedetta graduated three months earlier and to go on at the Berlin International University of Applied Sciences. Scolopendra made her fall in love with the fashion world, to the point that she decided to develop her professional career in the fashion field. After graduation, Benedetta attended the Master in Management of Fashion, Design, and Experience in SDA Bocconi, where she was accepted with a merit-based scholarship, the “Mafed Excellence Scholarship”.

But what was the reason behind the name? In the language of dreams, the scolopendra represents a part of our personality we are afraid of, something we are hesitant to show others but that, at the same time, defines who we really are. The name and the motto, Obscenity Not Obscurity, were an invitation to express that part of ourselves.